Forms Cabinet

Fillable forms

To use the fillable forms save the blank form to your computer first, then fill in your information and save. You can email your submission as an attachment to the address provided on the form, or to other required signatories such as instructor or advisor, as applicable. 


Forms submitted from a student account do not require written signature. Submissions from other personal accounts will require a written signature so will need to be printed, signed and scanned. Digital signatures are not accepted. Forms that require a fee will need to be printed and submitted with payment.

Add/Drop Notice Form

As an alternate method to online adding or dropping of courses, this form is used for students to make changes to their registration.

Agreement with Respect to Incomplete Grades Form

If a student is unable to complete a course, they may request an incomplete. This form is the agreement between the student and the instructor regarding how and what the student will do to complete the course.

Application to Audit Form

Students may choose to audit a course rather than completing it for full credit. Tuition cost is 50% of the regular fee and the student will be awarded a grade of “AU”.

Change of Personal Information Form

Complete, sign and submit this form to the Office of the University Registrar for any of the following reasons:

• Legal name change (please note and follow documentation requirement in section 1 of the form). A name change will not change your network ID or your MacEwan email address

• Address and/or phone number change (note: current students update their address or phone number through myStudentSystem)

• Gender identity update

• Indigenous ancestry update

Confirmation of High School Registration

Use the confirmation of high school registration form any time to report new grades or registration for the purpose of early admission. You may submit a confirmation of high school registration when you have new final first-term blended grades. You may also submit the form when you register in additional high school courses where grades are not yet available.

Continuing Education Enrolment Form

Students may use this form to complete a non-credit course offering here at MacEwan University.

Deferred Examination Request Form

This form is used when a student needs to defer an exam.

Exception Request Form

Occasionally, students may experience circumstances that prevent their ability to meet published drop or withdrawal deadlines. This form can be used to request exceptions to these deadlines.

Extension of an Incomplete Grade Form

Students may request an extension to an incomplete grade, there is a $50.00 fee and the instructor must agree.

General Request Form

This form is commonly used to request verification of enrolment for the purposes of study visa renewal, co-operative education and courses extra to credential.

International Academic Records Request

Internationally educated students can use this form to assist them in obtaining their academic records/transcripts from the international institutions.

Locker Registration Form

Students complete this form if they are unable to rent a locker online (in most cases, they will not have access to a credit card).

Locker Removal Request Form

Students must complete this form in order to have security remove their lock. In most cases, this is requested when the student cannot remember their locker combination.

Non-Disclosure of Personal Information Instruction Form

Universities, when requested, give out information related to registration, enrolment and graduation status of our students. Should a student wish for this information to NOT be released, they must complete this form and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar.

Official Transcript Request Form

Students who have not taken a course in the last 12 months must use this form if they require a transcript either for themselves or if it is to be sent elsewhere. Current students are able to make this request online through .

Parchment Replacement Form

Students may require a parchment replacement if their original is lost; this is the form that a student would use to receive another parchment.

Personal Information Disclosure Authorization Form

If a student requires that a family member or a third party have access to their student record, this is the form that the student would use to communicate this information to the University.

Prior Learning Recognition Form

In instances where a student believes that they have the content already met for a certain course, they may go through a prior learning assessment in order to have an instructor evaluate either their previous experience or coursework.

Program Withdrawal Notice Form

In cases where a student decides to formally withdraw from their program of study, they may complete and submit this form to the Office of the University Registrar.

Reassessment and Supplemental Examination Request Form

Used where a student wishes to request the reassessment of a final examination.

Request to Reactivate Application

Applicants who have not accepted their offer of admission or paid the admission confirmation deposit and have been withdrawn, but would like to be reactivated and accept their admission offer, may submit this form.