Travel Safety

Field studies, conferences, research trips, study abroad programming—MacEwan students and employees travel for many reasons. Before and during your university-related travel, you can take steps to stay safe when you leave the city, the province or the country. 

Before you leave

Research your destination

Before you leave, learn about your destination. Review your travel insurance, ask about required immunizations and find out about pertinent local details, such as security and political risks, the location of clinics and hospitals, food and water health threats, weather, culture and customs.

Complete the proper travel authorization form

Travel has to be authorized before you leave on your trip. If you are a student, contact your instructor, Chair or Dean to ensure the authorization form you complete meets your department’s needs. Different programs have different authorization requirements. Employees complete the staff and faculty authorization form.

To obtain a travel authorization form, send a request to Health, Safety and Environment.

Register your trip

After your travel itinerary is confirmed but before you leave, register your trip so the university can respond to your needs in the event of an emergency.

To register your trip, send a request to Health, Safety and Environment.

Participate in an orientation session

Hosted by Education Abroad, student orientation sessions cover important topics related to personal health and safety when you travel outside the country.

Attend a session

While you are away

If you find yourself in an unsafe situation or if you are injured during university-related travel, we can connect you to on-the-ground resources to help you stay safe or get to a safe place.


International travel

MacEwan Security Services +1 780 497 5555


Domestic travel (in Canada)

MacEwan Security Services 1-780-497-5555


If you are traveling for personal reasons (i.e., not related to MacEwan University business), you should contact your insurance company in the event of an incident. Coverage for MacEwan employees is provided by Great West Life.