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Be prepared

Through videos, brochures and online courses, you can learn how and when to respond to emergencies on campus.

We all have the right to feel safe and be safe on campus. If you have been physically hurt, are experiencing mental or emotional stress for any reason or have encountered potentially dangerous or violent situations, reach out to us. We will listen and take action to help.

At any time, you can report your concern to the Confidence Line or Security Services.

Confidence Line

If you have experienced or witnessed unwanted, uncomfortable or unethical behaviour, either as an employee or as a student, you can report your concerns to the Confidence Line. We will listen to you, protect your anonymity and direct you to the MacEwan service that can help you best.

When you call the Confidence Line number, an operator asks for the details of your report or you can choose to file the report online, entering the details yourself and generating a case file.

If you are not sure if the situation you want to report warrants a call to the Confidence Line, contact us and we can provide you with direction.

Visit the Confidence Line website or call the toll-free number to submit a report.

Confidence Line


Security Services

Our team responds to a range of situations: lost and found items, suspicious activity, potentially dangerous conditions and emergencies, such as fire, extreme weather or threats to personal safety. We can help if you are in distress, feel unsafe, are worried about a student or have experienced or witnessed violence on campus.

Security Services

780-497-5554 |

Security Service Counter
8-215, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB

Urgent 780-497-5555 | Police/Fire/Ambulance 911

Phone 5554 Blue Icon

Security Services - Information

Phone 5555 Blue Icon

Security Services - Urgent
On-Campus Blue Phones (Push Red Button)

Phone 911 Red Icon

Edmonton Emergency Services
Police, Fire, Ambulance