Experiential Learning

people standing in vineyard

Students confer about their survey of the Mezzetti vineyard, Vernazzano, Italy. Photo credit: Teana Imbeau.

Nothing beats the benefits of hands-on experience. With these courses, you apply what you have learned in class to your role as an intern or researcher for a real-world client.

ECON 401 Field Placement

Apply the research evaluation, management and analytical skills you learn in class to a project with a public, private or non-profit organization. In the past, our students have worked on projects with the Government of Canada, Alberta Environment and Parks, EPCOR, the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and more.

Economics course descriptions

ANTH 396 Archaeological Field Training

Learn about archaeological fieldwork in the real world. Practice hands-on archaeological field techniques far from the classroom, applying what you have learned about surveys, excavation, laboratory analysis, artifact cataloguing and conservation. In the past, we have worked as far from home as Japan and as close as the Mill Creek ravine.

Anthropology Course Descriptions

ANTH 397 Ethnographic Field School

Learn the steps involved in designing and executing an ethnographic research project when you work in the field. You become familiar with the central methods of ethnographic research and analysis when you participate in a project. The field school often takes place in Italy but has also run closer to home in Jasper, Alberta. Acceptance into the field school is competitive and includes an application process and a panel interview. 

Anthropology Course Descriptions

ANTH 495 Anthropology Field Placement

Apply your knowledge and research skills at a public, private or non-profit organization. Past placements include the Bodo Archaeological Centre in Bodo, Alberta. Space is limited, so you are required to submit an application and take part in an interview.

Anthropology Course Descriptions