Anthro lab
Immerse yourself in hands-on, community-based projects at home and abroad; support faculty as research assistants; present at student conferences; lead independent research from start to finish. 

Our department is committed to expanding undergraduate research opportunities, and we are doing just that. The kinds of research you do here prepare you well for graduate school and open doors in the workplace. Let us set you up for success.

Anthropology lab

Distinguish a male skeleton from a female skeleton, examine ancient artifacts, determine the differences between the skulls of a Homo erectus and a Neanderthal. In the anthropology lab, you learn to describe and classify artifacts, conduct experiments to reveal tool usage and manufacturing and utilize research methods used by archaeologists and biological anthropologists. And that's just to get you started!




Our work

Take a minute to flip through this gallery and discover some of our faculty's publications. 

Anthropology: What does it mean to be human? Cynthia Zutter, co-editor. The analysis of burned human remains. Hugh McKenzie, contributor. Catholicism: Rites, history and social issues. John Soroski, contributor. Biodiversity economics. Rafat Alam, contributor. Beyond the African tragedy. Chaldeans Mensah, contributor.

Most of our students do well in grad school because we treat them like grad students starting in their fourth year.

Gaelan Murphy, assistant professor, political science

An invitation to students

Explore your own ideas and share them at conferences through USRI and USRA grants. Present to your peers and the general public at Student Research Day. Discover numerous opportunities for student-engaged research at MacEwan University.

Research student presenting to class


Faculty research online

Many of our faculty's recent publications and research projects can be accessed through MacEwan library's online repository. 

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