Computer Science student at whiteboard


Small classrooms, real-world experiences and professors whose doors are always open. Here, you become a creative leader who works well within a team or on your own to find innovative, technology-driven answers to a world of questions.

Study the newest ideas in research and development. Then, starting in the first year of the program, work with community-based partners to solve their problems.

Big winners at Big Data

Two MacEwan students won the national Undergraduate Big Data Challenge in 2019, receiving awards for best project and best presentation. "Their achievements show the quality of our students and programs," says associate professor Dr. Indratmo.



Dig a little deeper

We offer senior-level courses that allow you to explore specialized content or emerging issues in greater depth. The topics change each year and reflect the particular expertise of our faculty members.


As much as a computer science degree is about coding and learning computers, it’s also about teaching you how to learn.
— John Simmonds, student


Thinking about the end user—from the beginning

The most effective software is developed by carefully considering the needs of the end user. Our students worked with students from MacEwan's design program to develop and design three unique digital applications.