Our department offers courses in the disciplines listed below. For individual course descriptions, follow the links to MacEwan University’s Academic Calendar.

Not all courses are available each term. Courses must be numbered 100 and above to be used to fulfill degree requirements.

MATH - Mathematics

STAT - Statistics

SCIE - Science


Student writing

SCIE 201

Understanding research

If you are interested in empirical research or statistics, are going to take senior-level research-oriented courses or are planning on a graduate program in the sciences, we encourage you to enrol in SCIE 201: Scientific Process.



Special topics courses

Special topics courses focus on specific areas of interest within the discipline. The topics are chosen based on the expertise of our instructors, and the topics usually vary from term to term.

Special Topics in Mathematics

Course: MATH 495: The Lebesgue Integral
Term: Winter 2021
Instructor: Dr. Cristian Ivanescu

The course provides an introduction to the Lebesgue Integral. The basic properties of the integral are developed and the fundamental theorems concerning convergence are covered. Related concepts such as Lebesgue measure, Borel sets, measurable functions, and non-measurable sets are discussed.

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of B- in a 300-level Math course.

Permission Required: Yes

How to Enrol: Students can request a permission number from Program Services at starting at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of their enrolment appointment. Permission numbers will be given to students who fulfill the prerequisites in the order in which they are received. One permission number request per email please.