Math & Stats Learning Centre

Math Learning Centre

Math and statistics courses can be difficult, especially if you are new to these disciplines. Our faculty and senior students can lend a hand at the Math/Stats Learning Centre, where they provide drop-in support to first- and second-year students in university math and statistics courses.


For the Fall 2020 term, you can get help with mathematics and statistics questions by visiting the Math and Stats Online Learning Centre. Assistance is offered in real-time and on a drop-in basis. We look forward to helping you.

Online Math and Stats Learning Centre

Math and stats room

It is amazing to have a space where I can work around others who are struggling with the same material I am.” 
— Alex Mackie, student

Meeting down the road

If you decide to major or minor in mathematics or statistics, you will discover that the math and stats meeting room in 5-103E is a hive of activity for third- and fourth-year students. Here you can collaborate with other senior students, prepare for exams, work together on the whiteboard or sit back and think through the ideas being tossed around. If you and your fellow students can’t find the answer to a particularly prickly question, there’s a professor nearby who can. 


Math Room Gallery