Our People

Karen Buro

Professor, Mathametics and Statistics


PhD (Aachen, Germany)

5-107C, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Dr. Buro completed her PhD in mathematics (statistics) at the Technical University in Aachen, Germany in 1995. She joined MacEwan University in 2003 as a full-time faculty member in the department of Mathematics and Statistics and became chair of the department in 2013. Dr. Buro enjoys teaching a variety of statistics courses and linear algebra. Her research interests are in statistical design theory and the mathematics of electroal systems. She enjoys an extensive number of collaborations with researchers from various disciplines, providing statistical support for their projects.

Available to supervise senior students' independent study.

statistical consultation, statistical design theory, data analysis, structural equation modeling, electoral systems

Teaching and Research Interests

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Applied Statistics I
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics II
  • Applied Categorical Data Analysis
  • Applied Regression Analysis
  • Introduction to Statistics for Computer Scientists
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra

Current research:

  • Numerous collaborations with researchers in psychology, nursing, business and rehabilitation medicine
  • Mathematics of electoral systems

Selected Publications / Presentations / Conference Papers

Jung, S. & Buro, K. (2016). Appraising risk for intimate partner violence in a police context. Criminal Justice and Behavior, September 2016. doi: 10.1177/0093854816667974

Ennis, L., Buro, K., & Jung, S. (2016). Identifying male sexual offender subtypes using cluster analysis and the statis-2002R. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment 28(5), 403-426.

Howell, A. J. & Buro, K. (2015). Measuring and predicting student well-being: Further evidence in support of the Flourishing Scale and the Scale of Positive and Negative Experiences. Social Indicators Research, 121, 903-91.

Howell, A. J., Passmore, H., & Buro, K. (2013). Meaning in nature: Meaning in life as a mediator of the relationship between nature affiliation and well-being. Journal of Happiness Studies 14(6), 1681,1696.

Howell, A. J., Turowski, J. B., & Buro, K. (2012). Guilt, empathy, and apology. Personality and Individual Differences 53(7), 917-922.

Professional Associations / Memberships

  • Statistical Society of Canada