Our People

Christopher Ramsey

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

PhD (Waterloo)

5-107M, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Dr. Ramsey completed his PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of Waterloo in 2013. After a few years of postdoctoral work at the University of Virginia, University of Manitoba and Brandon University, he started at MacEwan University in 2018.

Available to supervise senior students' independent study.

Operator algebras, functional analysis

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Ramsey's research focuses on the intersection of analysis and algebra in an area called operator algebras. Loosely this is the study of algebras of (possibly infinite) matrices. He is also interested in applications of operator algebras and functional analysis to group theory, dynamical systems, free probability and quantum information theory.

Dr. Ramsey enjoys teaching all kinds of mathematics. He hopes to inspire his classes with the beauty and power of mathematics.

Selected Publications / Presentations / Conference Papers

Elias Katsoulis and Christopher Ramsey, The hyperrigidity of tensor algebras of C*-correspondences, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 483 (2020), 123611, 10 pp.

Darian McLaren, Sarah Plosker and Christopher Ramsey, On operator valued measures, Houston Journal of Mathematics. 46 (2020), 201-226.

Elias Katsoulis and Christopher Ramsey, Crossed products of operator algebras, Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society. 258 (2019), no. 1240, xviii–85.

Elias Katsoulis and Christopher Ramsey, The non-selfadjoint approach to the Hao-Ng isomorphism, International Mathematics Research Notices. (2019), DOI: 10.1093/imrn/rnz271.

Raphaël Clouâtre and Christopher Ramsey, Residually finite-dimensional operator algebras, Journal of Functional Analysis. 277 (2019), 2572-2616.

Awards / Grants / Fellowships

  • Project grant, MacEwan University (2019)
  • Discovery grant, NSERC (2019)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, NSERC (2013)

Professional Associations / Memberships

Canadian Mathematical Society