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In this rigorous and forward-thinking department, students gain the knowledge and broad analytical skills they need to compete and succeed in today’s digital, information-driven world. Our growing department is home to faculty-scholars who are deeply committed to student success.


Our students value the sense of community we have here—they meet others who think like them and are enthusiastic about the same things.
— Karen Buro, associate professor

Women in math and statistics

About half of our faculty are women, says associate professor Elaine Beltaos, a ratio that is similar to the gender split during her graduate studies. “I personally don’t find there’s a difference in interest for young women entering math and science.”

If you do not feel like you belong you are going to shy away Story Elaine Beltaos Feature Image

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Fun + Educational = Torus Talks

Learn about the application of math in day-to-day life while enjoying a yummy selection of doughnuts, the sweet treat shaped like the mathematical symbol called a torus. Everyone welcome.