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You are curious about people and the ways they act and interact. You want to understand how human connections and relationships influence social dynamics. Study sociology and lift the veil on the world around you.

Flexible, diverse, integrated—our undergraduate program provides an educational experience that meets students’ specific interests. Through community-based assignments, independent study courses, honours projects and integrated-learning opportunities, our students choose their own paths as fully engaged learners and researchers.

Who am I?

“I’m looking at my own experiences and how they are connected to language,” says James, speaking about his sociology Honours project. His research focuses on the factors that shape Black youth identity in Canada.


If you’re a people-watcher, chances are you’re a sociologist at heart.

Tami Bereska, associate professor

The sociology of food

Associate Professor Alissa Overend’s research focuses on shifting definitions of healthy eating. She challenges students in her fourth-year seminar to think about how sociological factors influence perceptions of food and nutrition.