We fly when we’re unafraid to fall

May 6, 2019 | Science

Hockey player. Brain researcher. Comeback kid.

Brandon Craig wasn’t sure what he was going to do with a science degree when he started at MacEwan University. What he did know was that his hockey days were over. Four concussions had ended his career — the fourth and final one was the result of a slapshot to the face — but had also sparked a new interest in the human brain.

As his high school friends kept playing hockey and he started his post-secondary studies alone, Brandon struggled. His grades were terrible, he headed straight home after class, and his social life and mental health began to suffer. By holiday break of his second year, Brandon was ready to quit.

“I told a guy from one of my classes that I was thinking of dropping out,” he says. “And he said something I’ll never forget: What would you do without the fear of failing?”


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