Dr. Andrea Wagner awarded Jean Monnet Chair

August 26, 2019 | Society
A MacEwan University faculty member is the recipient of a prestigious grant that will enhance resources for MacEwan students who want to learn about the European Union.

Dr. Andrea Wagner, assistant professor of political science, has been awarded the Jean Monnet Chair through the European Union’s Erasmus+ program. The designation comes with a grant of up to €50,000 to advance coursework and research on the European Union over the next three years.

Andrea’s proposal focused on research and teaching on the future of the European Union post-Brexit. “The timing was good because right now, studying the European Union is sexy,” she says. “Everybody's interested because things are happening – Brexit, the rise of populism. That can affect trade deals and relationships between European countries and Canada and the U.S., and students want to learn about that.”

Everybody's interested because things are happening – Brexit, the rise of populism.
—Dr. Andrea Wagner

The grant will allow Andrea to update and expand two courses – one on European Union politics and one on European Union economics – and bring in guest lecturers and speakers to further her students’ understanding of the complex subject matter.

Some of the grant will also be allocated toward two upcoming book projects that Andrea is currently researching, one on anti-corruption agencies in the European Union, and one on the Catalan crisis.

“The Jean Monnet Chair demonstrates the international focus of Dr. Wagner’s teaching and research,” says Dr. Craig Monk, provost and vice-president, Academic of MacEwan. “This acknowledgement of her work marks her notable achievement in the early years of her faculty appointment.”

Receiving the grant was a particularly meaningful achievement for Andrea since it’s not just her as an individual, but her students and department that benefit. “It was a lot of pressure, but it also meant that I had a lot of support from across the university during the application process,” she says. “The Office of Research Services, MacEwan International, the provost – they all played a role in supporting my application.”

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