Last March, Bachelor of Commerce student Alyssa Antonio was one of several volunteers who mentored high school students from five Edmonton schools as they prepared for the 2019 MacEwan Business Challenge case competition. It’s a great introduction to life in business school where cases play a critical role in student learning.

Case studies help shape business education

November 1, 2019 | Business

When it comes to learning about business, there’s just no substitute for real-life scenarios. It’s why case studies are critical to student learning, says Dr. William Wei, associate dean of MacEwan University’s School of Business.

Not only do MacEwan faculty members use cases in their classes as a foundation for assignments, presentations and debate; they also publish cases to share with business schools around the world. In the two years since MacEwan became one of four Canadian universities to co-brand cases with Ivey Publishing, nine faculty members have submitted 16 cases, and there are now plans to continue publishing an additional three to five cases each year.

Working with one of the largest case publishers in the world not only shows MacEwan’s continuing effort to build an excellent teaching-focused undergraduate business school, says William, it’s an important aspect of scholarship. The partnership also means that MacEwan's co-branded Ivey cases can be used in any School of Business program at no cost to students.

While some focus on hyperlocal topics – like the university's own Residence – most cases have an international flavour, investigating the potential of expanding into new markets (bringing Canadian smoothies to India or Chinese beer to Canada), the cultural conflict that can come with internationalization, and topics tied to ethics, corporate governance and corporate responsibility.

Cases that focus on China, in particular, is an area for potential growth for the university and cases in general, says William, who in October hosted the first-ever Chinese language track at the North American Case Research Association conference.

See the full collection of MacEwan’s co-branded Ivey cases.


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