Spend a few hours taking care of your future self

September 6, 2018 | Society, Campus Life
There are so many things to figure out during the first few months of university that it can seem overwhelming – at least it was for me.

I remember thinking that I had already done 12 years of school, so I should be able to figure this university thing out. But those early days can leave you feeling small and uncertain. And things can really sneak up on you quickly. It's easy to feel like you're getting dragged along by the current before you know it.

I think it’s worth it in the long run to spend a few hours early in your first year learning about mental health. If you’re stressed about starting university, an Inquiring Mind workshop can give you some tools to address those feelings – whether it’s learning how to understand yourself a little better, figuring out how to set the right goals or knowing what to do if a friend is dealing with mental health issues. Don’t think of it as something you have to do or another task in your schedule, think of it as a break. It really can be energizing – and reassuring – to do something to take care of your future self.

– David, 5th year, Bachelor of Arts student and summer Peer Health Educator with MacEwan Wellness and Psychological Services

Sign up for the next Inquiring Mind Workshops on September 22 and 27. And make sure to watch for a new series of health promotion events hosted by the Peer Health Education Team throughout the year.


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