Buddy benches, explained by nine-year-old summer camper

September 13, 2018 | Campus Life

If you’re at school and you don’t have anyone to play with, you can sit on a buddy bench and someone will come to you. When you’re playing with your friends, take a peek at the buddy bench every few minutes to see if anyone is sitting there. If someone is, you should probably invite them to play.

I think it’s actually a very impressive idea. How else would you know if someone is sad?

And I think buddy benches can work for adults, because adults feel alone sometimes too. The bench we painted at our summer camp is going to be here at MacEwan. It’s really pretty and has our handprints all over it. If someone here feels alone, they can sit on the bench and another person can go to them. I would. Instead of asking them to play (‘cause they aren’t nine), you could say: “Do you want to hang out with me?”

In my Community Superheroes summer camp, we learned how to help our communities in lots of different ways. We all have different things we’re good at. I love animals, so I decided to be Animalee – I help animals and I can understand them. Other people are smoke destroyers or plant-savers.

I’m nine and turning 10 soon. I'm so excited for Grade 5. Everyone in my neighbourhood says it's the best year. I don't know why. I need to ask them about that.

– Libby, MacEwan Explorers Summer Camper, starting Grade 5 in September

Libby was at our Community Superheroes camp. The buddy bench she mentioned will be installed near Roundhouse in Allard Hall. Visit for more information about summer camps and to start planning for next year! 

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