Summer campers dig deep

August 14, 2018 | Science

Faculty and staff help kids get excited about science


Ned was at the Investigating the Past camp, hosted by Early Learning at MacEwan with help from anthropology and biology faculty and staff. For more information about summer camps and to start planning for next year, visit

Summer camp isn’t really like school – school is more like “look on a paper and answer questions.” This is field stuff. Also, we get ice cream on Friday.

Today we did archaeology. It’s a lot like paleontology, except it’s for ancient humans. Paleontologist is my dream job. You get to dig up fossils and learn about ancient times. But you need to be ready for all weather. You need lots of tools and you need a good spirit, because usually you're just sitting there at a dig and not finding anything.

The day before yesterday we did a scavenger hunt to get all our tools – digging tools, a shovel, a brush, another brush, a pan and a magnifying glass. And yesterday, we did a mini excavation. They gave us all a little box of sand with some artifacts in it, and we had to dig them out. Some people dug down, but I didn’t think that was such a good idea because you might miss stuff. I went layer by layer, and there was a bit of good stuff everywhere. I found two arrowheads, a shell, a giant tooth from some kind of animal, lots of seeds and beads, and a bone. I don’t know how that bone even got in my box because they didn’t put it in there. It was just a bonus.

This is the most amazing camp ever. The teachers are very nice and there are so many super fun things to do. I'm even coming next week for more science-y stuff. I’m excited.

–Ned, MacEwan Explorers Summer Camper, Grade 4 in September 

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