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MacEwan Big Band player hauls brass on his bike

December 6, 2018 | Arts & Culture, Campus Life


This setup is pretty new – I’ve only been playing tuba for about a month. When I decided to make a career out of performing, I did some research and asked around to see which instruments the city is lacking. It turns out Edmonton could use more tubas. I’ve always loved playing low instruments — euphonium, bass trombone, baritone sax — there’s just something satisfying about the low notes. But there are some barriers that come with playing the tuba, including transportation.

I only live about five minutes away from MacEwan, and I could probably get the tuba through the bus doors, but it won’t fit in the seats and I’d have to take up the aisle, which isn’t ideal. There’s also a lot of walking involved in getting to and from the bus stop. In the end, it turns out taking my bike is faster, easier and makes my environmental footprint smaller. So this is how I’ll be getting to the Big Band Concert on December 11.

We’ll be playing one of the few tunes out there with a bass trombone solo. It’s a bit scary because the whole band stops while I play this really fast, tricky little lick. But I know it’s going to be a great concert because the MacEwan Big Band is really, really good this year. We’ve got a lot of experienced section leads, and our first trumpet – the player who determines how loud the whole band can play — is fantastic. We like it loud, so being in the Triffo Theatre is going to be great.

— Jade, Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music student and member of the MacEwan Big Band

Join Jade and the other members of the Big Band at their concert on December 11.

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