Sometimes you have to say no

September 9, 2019 | Campus Life
If someone gives me an opportunity, I want to take it. That meant that sometimes I overloaded myself.

I’m pretty organized and excelled in school, but in my personal life I wasn’t so great. It took me until June to change my winter tires.

Sometimes you have to say no even when it’s a great opportunity. My honours supervisor, Dr. Kathleen Corrigall, gave me some great advice. She said that when you say yes to something new, in a way you're actually saying no to everything else you're already doing. That if you take on too much and can’t put everything you want to into an experience, you’re not going to take much away from it.

That resonated for me. That I needed to know my own limits and say no sometimes.

–Riya Sidhu, Bachelor of Science, Honours Psychology, 2019 President’s Medal Recipient

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