A view of Stirling Castle in Scotland.

Where in the world … Scotland

August 12, 2019 | Health

At the start of the Spring 2019 term, nursing students had a rare opportunity to swap their scrubs for passports. Assistant Professor Kari Krell explains that a trip to Scotland — part of her Global Health Perspectives course — was a chance to gain awareness in global health issues.


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“We’re citizens of the world and global health is a concern for all of us, even more so for those of us who choose to be in the health field,” says Kari.

In Scotland, students attended lectures at Queen Margaret University focused on “person-centred care,” a World Health Organization initiative for health improvements across the globe. They also had opportunities to observe “district nurses” (health professionals who work within communities) in action and learn about how Scotland’s health-care system differs from Canada’s.

Kari says its important for nurses to be aware of global health issues, but if after completing this course, students choose to never travel outside of their community again, they will still have gotten a better understanding and awareness of how to be a better practitioner in working with patients from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures.

“From participating in HLST 400, students see on a global spectrum how issues that are challenges here in Canada are also challenges in Scotland, Ukraine and beyond, and how we can all work together to help address inequalities and disparities in health, developing improvements for the sustainability of health and wellbeing across the globe.”



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