What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts?

Within a Bachelor of Arts education you will develop not only discipline-specific skills and knowledge but also a variety of transferable skills that are valuable to many employers.

Critical Thinking: You are trained to analyze and evaluate all the information presented to you in class. Your ability to break down arguments, digest information, form an opinion and make decisions equips you to become an independent and effective employee.

Teamwork: Your knowledge of different cultures, personalities, ethnicities and maybe even a second language allows you to cooperate and work effectively with a diverse group of people.

Organization: Juggling a full course load, a part-time job, volunteer and family commitments requires great time management and organizational skills. Your degree will prove that you can multitask, manage your schedule and ensure that all tasks are completed by the deadlines.

Creativity: You may not be able to paint a masterpiece, but you can be relied on to come up with innovative ideas to improve work processes, increase efficiency and make a tight budget go a long way.

What can I do with a degree in ...? 

Learn more about specific skills that you can expect to develop with a Bachelor of Arts in your chosen major and find examples of career paths graduates from those disciplines have pursued. Check out information for all the disciplines below as there is tremendous career crossover potential among the various liberal arts disciplines.