Good accounting supports good decision making. When you minor in accounting, you learn how financial information is generated, how it is processed and what it means. Explore concepts such as taxation, auditing and assurance and develop the knowledge and professional judgement needed to gather, analyze and communicate financial information.

Accounting is a crucial aspect of every business and organization. A minor in this discipline sets you on a career path with promise, whether you want to work in the private, public or non-profit sector.


Accounting Minor for Arts and Science

Accounting can be used to fulfill minor requirements in:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science 

Program planning

Planning sheets help you keep track of the courses you must take to fulfill the requirements of your degree. Use the appropriate planning sheet for your major(s) or minor(s) in combination with planning materials for the options and breadth requirements of your degree.

accounting minor

The program of study may change from year to year. The authoritative source for course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to students is the Academic Calendar.