Digital Experience Design

Digital Design

If you are fascinated by the ways people act and interact with the digital world—and you would like to play a role in enhancing those interactions—consider a minor in Digital Experience Design.

In this minor, you are introduced to user design issues, theories and methods through three required, foundational courses. Then you choose three senior-level courses in an area that most interests you. By learning to identify, understand and address the gaps in the ways clients use digital products, such as websites, apps, video games and wearable interfaces, you find a way to put the user's experience first.

If you are a computer science student, this minor gives you the opportunity to develop a specialization in an area closely related to your major. For other arts and science majors, you can apply knowledge from your discipline to the design of digital products.

Digital Experience Design can be used to fulfill minor requirements in:

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts


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