Gender Studies

Look beyond the sign on a washroom door or the colour of a baby’s booties, and take a deeper look at how gender is constructed and shaped by a society’s norms and policies.

Gender studies focuses on social oppression from a variety of angles: men and masculinities, queer and transgender rights, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, Indigenous status, age and class. Choose from courses across eight departments to look at women in the ancient world, explore the language and literature of gender and consider contemporary theories of feminism.



Gender Studies can be used to fulfill minor requirements in:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Specific minor requirements (18 credits)

18 senior-level credits with a minimum of six credits completed at the 300- or 400-level. To ensure the interdisciplinarity of the program, students would not be allowed to fulfill minor requirements with more than two courses within one discipline or three GEND courses.

Students must have completed or be enrolled in GEND 219 to declare this minor.


     GEND 219 - Feminist Theories and Foundations
     GEND 319 - Indigenous and Postcolonial Feminisms



Choose 12 credits:

     HLST 210 - Human Sexuality
     CLAS 261 - Women in the Ancient World
     HIST 292 - History of Women in Europe and North America
     ENGL 218 - Reading Gender
     SOCI 301 - Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
     ANTH 308 - Language, Gender, and Sexuality
     ANTH 320 - Archaeology of Gender
     GEND 398 - Independent Study
     PHIL 333 - Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality
     PSYC 370 - Human Sexuality
     ENGL 392 - Topics in Race and Gender
     GEND 419 - Special Topics in Gender Studies
     GEND 498 - Advanced Independent Study
     SOCI 430 - Gender, Crime and Social Justice
     SOWK 433 - Social Work Practice with Gender and Sexual Diversity

Program planning

Planning sheets help you keep track of the courses you must take to fulfill the requirements of your degree. Use the appropriate planning sheet for your major(s) or minor(s) in combination with planning materials for the options and breadth requirements of your degree.

Contact Program Services for program planning information.

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