From the names of our planets to velociraptors and Homo Sapiens; from ancient Mediterranean myths to Harry Potter; the world is alive with a language for which there are no living native speakers.

Students of Latin find that even a passing acquaintance with the language provides them with a valuable toolkit for understanding the grammar and vocabulary of English; gives them a leg up in learning French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese; and enhances their understanding of literature, history, politics, medicine, pharmacy, teaching, philosophy, and law.

In fact, because of the precision and attention to detail fostered through the study of Latin, many students find they have developed key skills necessary to excel in their other classes and in the workforce once they graduate. They learn to analyze discrete parts and create meaningful, logical constructs from those parts and as a result they read efficiently, organize their thoughts with clarity and write better.

100-level, 200-level, 300-level and 400-level courses in Latin are offered through Classics.