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Every minute of every day data is generated at a staggering rate. That “big data” has the potential to do many things—reveal business trends, prevent diseases, improve safety and fight crime. The power of data lies not in the bits and bytes themselves, but in what you do with them. 

When you major in Applied Statistics, you analyze and explore a wide range of data and use statistics to find patterns, trends and connections that support strategic decisions. You gain a strong theoretical foundation in mathematics and computer science while focusing on the practical application of statistics that can be used in almost every industry and sector, including government, oil and gas, insurance, finance and medical and biological research.



Applied statistics can be used to fulfill major requirements in:

Bachelor of Science


Overall major requirement

42 - 60 credits with a minimum of 36 senior-levle credits. A minimum of 6 credits must be at the 400 level. Students must complete prerequisite courses MATH 114, MATH 115, one of MATH 120 or MATH 125, and one of CMPT 101 or CMPT 103.


Specific major requirements (24 credits)


     MATH 214 - Intermediate Calculus I
     MATH 215 - Intermediate Calculus II
     MATH 225 - Linear Algebra II
     STAT 265 - Probability Theory
     STAT 266 - Mathematical Statistics
     STAT 378 - Applied Regression Analysis
     STAT 496 - Statistical Consulting Project



Choose 3 credits:

     STAT 350 - Sampling Theory and Applications
     STAT 353 - Design and Analysis of Experiments



General major requirements (18 - 36 credits)

Choose 18 to 36 credits from junior- and senior-level STAT.

Program planning

Planning sheets help you keep track of the courses you must take to fulfill the requirements of your degree. Use the appropriate planning sheet for your major(s) or minor(s) in combination with planning materials for the options and breadth requirements of your degree.

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