Biological Sciences

Gordon Youzwyshyn

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Discipline Advisor

M.Sc. (Alberta), B.Sc. (Alberta)

6-118B, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Teaching at MacEwan University has centered on Vertebrate Biology in ZOOL 225 (which will become ZOOL 324, starting in Winter 2014) as Lecturer and Lab Instructor/Coordinator for ZOOL 224 as Lab Instructor for ZOOL 401 and as Lab Instructor/Coordinator and in Lecturer for the introductory BIOL 108.

Research interests are presently confined to projects involving extant rather than fossil mammals, including the identification of mammalian cranial, dental and post-cranial remains from owl pellets.

Paleocene Mammals, Mammal-like Reptiles,Vertebrate Paleontology, Alberta