Computer Science

Nicholas Boers

Associate Professor, Computer Science

PhD (Alberta), M.Sc. (Alberta), B.Sc. (Vancouver Island)

5-172F, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Nicholas Boers is an instructor within the Department of Computer Science (Faculty of Arts & Science). He primarily teaches systems courses, for example, networks and operating systems, but enjoys teaching a wide range of courses. His research focuses on the development of wireless sensor networks for high-density urban environments. He finds it satisfying to work with hardware, in addition to software simulation, as he explores solutions to practical problems.

Networks, wireless sensor networks, radio-frequency interference, assistive technology

Teaching and Research Interests

  • CMPT 101 Introduction to Computing I
  • CMPT 201 Programming Methodology    
  • CMPT 220 UNIX, Scripting and Tools
  • CMPT 360 Operating Systems and Net Centric Computing I
  • CMPT 364 Net Centric Computing II
  • CMPT 399 Compiler Construction

Selected Publications / Presentations / Conference Papers

  • N. M. Boers, I. Nikolaidis, and P. Gburzynski. 2012. “Sampling and classifying interference patterns in a wireless sensor network.” ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, 9(1): 2.
  • N. M. Boers, I. Nikolaidis, and P. Gburzynski. “Impulsive interference avoidance in dense wireless sensor networks.” In AdHocNow 2012: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless. Belgrade, Serbia, July 2012.
  • N. M. Boers, I. Nikolaidis, P. Gburzynski, and W. Olesinski. “PicOS & VNETI: Enabling real life layer-less WSN applications.” In SENSORNETS 2012: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Sensor Networks. Rome, Italy, February 2012.
  • N. M. Boers, I. Nikolaidis, and P. Gburzynski, “Patterns in the RSSI traces from an indoor urban environment.” In CAMAD '10: Proceedings of 15th IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks. Coconut Creek, FL, 3-4 December 2010.
  • N. M. Boers, D. Chodos, J. Huang, E. Stroulia, P. Gburzynski, and I. Nikolaidis. "The Smart Condo: Visualizing independent living environments in a virtual world," in PervasiveHealth '09: Proceedings from the 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, London, UK, 2009.

Professional Associations / Memberships

  • ACM Professional Membership