Computer Science

Brian Brookwell

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Discipline Advisor

M.Sc. (Calgary)

5-172H, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Brian's primary academic interests focus in two main areas: game design and implementation and instruction. He's currently working to create an application to automatically generate the static elements of a game such as terrain, roads and rivers and on the problems virtual reality creates in the user interface.

Game design, unity 3D, project-based courses, game AI

Teaching and Research Interests


  • CMPT 101 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CMPT 103 Introduction to Computer Programming (Python)
  • CMPT 230 Introduction to Game Design
  • CMPT 201 Introduction to Structured Programming
  • CMPT 291 Introduction to Database
  • CMPT 330 Introduction to Real Time Gaming
  • CMPT 315 Web-Centric Computing and eCommerce
  • CMPT 370 Introduction to 3D Graphics (OpenGL)
  • CMPT 430 3D Game Engines and Game Artificial Intelligence--Design in Progress

Research Areas:

  • Game-Based Projects in the First Year Course. The use of python allows the student to attempt simple board style games (as opposed to real time games). The project is to provide CMPT 103 with a set of projects that can be used as the term project in the course. These would be used on a rotating basis to make each offering of the course unique and reduce the occurance of plaigarism from previous years.
  • Game Terrain Generation. One of the most time consuming component of creating a new 3D game is the production of the terrain and the associated features. The goal of the project is to use a FSM-based method to create realistic terrains and use the terrain to model water features such as oceans, lakes and rivers. A side project is working on modelling the plate tectonics so that realistic texture maps for the terrain can be created to create strata. The final goal is to then use the terrain features and the rock features to place population centers and link them with a generated road network.

Selected Publications / Presentations / Conference Papers

  • "Use of Individual Game Projects in the CS 1 Curriculum", Teaching Professor's Conference, 2009
  • "Game Terrain River Generation Using a Modified Dykstra's Algorithm", submitted Game Developer's Conference

Professional Associations / Memberships

  • Game Developer's Association
  • Association of Computer Machinery