Computer Science

Nicole Malloy

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Lab Instructor, Computer Science

M.Sc. (University of Alberta), Computing Science; B.Sc. (University of Alberta), Computing Science

5-173E, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Nicole recognized her passion for teaching after receiving a teaching assistant award from the University of Alberta during the pursuit of her Masters degree. This led Nicole to MacEwan where she began working in July 1999. Recognizing how critical the lab component is to each student's success in a course, she has opted to concentrate her focus on introductory computer science labs.  Teaching in a lab environment is very rewarding as it gives her time to work one on one with students and address their individuals needs. During her career, she has functioned as lab co-ordinator for CMPT 101 and EDIT 202. Designing these lab components was challenging yet gratifying as it afforded her the opportunity to shape the entire lab experience for all students in these courses. She continues to enjoy teaching and helping each student be successful in computer science.

introductory labs, computer science labs

Teaching and Research Interests

  • CMPT 101 - Introduction to Computing I
  • CMPT 103 - Introduction to Computing II
  • CMPT 157 - Introduction to Computing for Business
  • CMPT 272 - Formal Systems and Logic
  • EDIT 202 - Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning
  • ENCP 100 - Computer Programming for Engineers