Program of Study

The course list or program of study outlines the program's structure by term and year. These courses must be completed in order for you to graduate.

Please note: The Bachelor of Science in Engineering transfer program offers only one year of course work. If you wish to continue your studies beyond Year I you must apply to another program (i.e. Engineering at the University of Alberta or Bachelor of Science at MacEwan University).


Year One

Term I

     CHME 103 - Introductory University Chemistry I for Engineers
     ENGG 100 - Orientation to the Engineering Profession I
     ENGG 130 - Engineering Mechanics - Statics
     MATH 100 - Calculus I
     PHYS 130 - Wave Motion, Optics and Sound
     ENGL 199 - English for Engineering Students


Term II

     CHME 105 - Introductory University Chemistry II for Engineers
     ENCP 100 - Computer Programming for Engineers
     ENGG 160 - Introduction to Engineering Design, Communication, and Profession
     ENPH 131 - Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics
     MATH 101 - Calculus II
     MATH 102 - Applied Linear Algebra

The program of study may change from year to year. The authoritative source for course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to students is the Academic Calendar.

Engineering Boot Camp

In addition to the courses outlined in Year I, the Bachelor of Science in Engineering transfer program holds an Engineering Boot Camp. This is a week long review session designed to get all new students back into "study mode" and "up to speed" with what will be in store for them academically in the upcoming year. This event is mandatory for all admitted students and generally runs during the week before classes begin from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.