Why limit yourself to a list? With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering you could be the next Alexandre Gustave Eiffel*, George W.F. Ferris* or Sir Sanford Fleming* - you might even become famous.

Told you engineering was cool.

*Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - a noted constructor of bridges and viaducts, he designed the Eiffel Tower and the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty. George W.F. Ferris conceived, designed and built an engineering marvel - the Ferris Wheel. Sir Sanford Fleming played a key role in the development of the Canadian railway system and created the world wide system of Standard Time.

Feb 28 2018
This Fair provides a great opportunity for MacEwan University students to interact with employers and learn about job opportunities.
Feb 26 2018
Bring your resume and cover letter for review in preparation for the Get to Work Career Fair.
Feb 27 2018
Have your LinkedIn profile reviewed and get your headshot photo taken to prepare for the Get to Work Career Fair