Department of Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management and Management

Dr. Evandro Bocatto, Chair 

This department develops and instills students with the capabilities of a successful business manager. Understanding the elements of a business and how they work together as a cohesive unit is key for a manager to lead, develop and innovate a business successfully.

Faculty from a wide range of disciplines (leadership development, knowledge management, organizational behavior and learning, business rhetoric, strategic human resources development, information systems management, and business consulting), experiences (private and public sector, Not-for-profit, business incubators) and backgrounds (Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin-America and North-America) give students a thorough education in each of their courses.
Programs in this department:

Department of Accounting and Finance

Dr. Eloisa Perez, Chair

Accounting is the language of business. Accountants provide businesses with the tools to make informed decisions with respect to optimizing resources. The Accounting and Finance Department at MacEwan University strives to offer the highest quality of education for students studying in Alberta. With faculty members from a wide range of backgrounds and experience in the industry, the department offers students the guidance, mentorship required to succeed in the fast-paced work environment and demanding professions in the fields of accountancy and finance.

Programs in this department:

Department of Decision Sciences

Rickard Enstroem, PhD, Chair

The Department of Decision Sciences is an interdisciplinary department in the School of Business. As a department, it brings together faculty from several fields in the social sciences with a common interest in the normative and positive study of judgment and decision making in the context of an organization, operation or at an individual level, thereby applying qualitative and quantitative approaches, experimental as well as market approaches. We have a particularly strong focus on Supply Chain Management, the coordination and integration of a value network to ensure a continual refinement of products and services with agility, adaptability, and alignment so that they satisfy demands in the global market.

Our faculty have backgrounds spanning from economics and statistics to insurance studies, management science, and marketing. Many of our faculty have international and industry experience, and the department maintains close links with industry and several designation-granting bodies. 

Programs in this department:

Department of International Business, Marketing, Strategy and Law

Dr. Albena Pergelova, Chair

This department provides students with courses designed to challenge their skills and develop their critical and analytical business skills. With faculty members from a wide range of backgrounds, the department is focused on delivering the highest level of business education in the disciplines of International Business, Marketing, Strategy, and Law.

Programs in this department: