Study Options

Once you’ve completed the Accounting and Strategic Measurement diploma (or an approved equivalent), you’re ready to begin this degree program. 

The program consists of 12 advanced level courses and four, 2-month modules of Directed Field Studies occurring parallel to full-time employment, that will take approximately two years to complete. The recent addition of applied degree level courses in part-time format allows you more flexibility for learning.

An Alberta Business Administration diploma in accounting (or equivalent) that includes completion of intermediate levels in accounting, normally satisfies the first two years. Beginning applied degree studies as year three involves more in-depth accounting and strategic business coursework. A fourth year of study is completed in four Directed Field Studies modules while students work full-time in the industry, which puts the program’s guiding principle, Theory + Experience = Learning, into practice.

Full-time education is not always an option.

If you have a diploma in Accounting or Business Administration and want to further your career, MacEwan University has full and part-time study options to fit your schedule.