Majors & Minors

All students must choose a major. You have the option of completing a second major OR one or two minors, provided you can satisfy elective requirements with that same coursework.


You will take from 21 to 33 credits in a major subject with a minimum of 21 credits at the senior level and 12 of those credits at the 300- or 400-level. Majors are comprised of both required courses and a selection of options.

You may choose your major from the following disciplines:


A minor consists of 15 credits of senior-level course work which will vary depending on the discipline you choose. Minors are offered in:

Out-of-faculty minors

You are limited to one minor from outside the School of Business. Out of faculty minors are offered in:

Declaring your major(s)

You must officially declare your major(s) after you are admitted to the program and prior to completing 60 credits towards your degree.