Marketing Honours

Intensive study in qualitative and quantitative research methodology trains you to gather, analyze and interpret questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and observations in order to know your customer. Through this work you will learn to make decisions and create strategies based on advanced data-driven models.

The centerpiece of this program is the honours thesis where you will work under the direction of a faculty member to conduct a research project on an approved topic related to marketing.



In addition to the core business courses and non-business courses taken by all Bachelor of Commerce students, students in Marketing Honours complete additional credits as outlined below:

Specific Honours requirements (15 credits)


     BUSN 396 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for Business
     BUSN 397 - Advanced Qualitative Research Methods for Management
     BUSN 496 - Senior Honours Seminar
     MARK 499 - Honours Thesis - Marketing



3 credits in a senior 400-level course approved by your Faculty Advisor.

The program of study may change from year to year. The authoritative source for course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to students is the Academic Calendar.

Program planning

Planning sheets help you keep track of the courses you must take to fulfill the requirements of your Honours degree. To graduate with Honours you will complete core and elective requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce, requirements for the major in your Honours discipline and the Honours requirements.

Honours in Marketing