Insurance and Risk Management Major

Succeeding in the insurance industry means meeting clients’ diverse needs and running an efficient operation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to own your own brokerage, or someone looking to join a team in a large corporate environment, this career will have you draw on your skills in business, management, finance, communication and problem solving.

This major is accelerated, with students studying continuously for a 13-month period to earn a full diploma. This diploma combines business studies in management, finance, communications and accounting with industry-specific courses in insurance principles, underwriting and claims.

You can block transfer your credit to the third year of MacEwan's Bachelor of Commerce.


Term I

     INSR 101 - Insurance Principles and Practices
     INSR 203 - Automobile Insurance
     MGMT 107 - Business Computing
     WRIT 101 - First Year Writing
     ENGL 102 - Analysis and Argument
     ECON 101 - Introduction to Microeconomics


Term II

     MGMT 121 - Principles of Management
     LEGL 210 - Business Law I
     FNCE 113 - Introduction to Quantitative Decision-Making
     INSR 202 - Property Insurance
     INSR 211 - Essentials of Loss Adjusting


Term III

     INSR 204 - Liability Insurance
     MGMT 240 - Business Research and Report Writing
     INSR 212 - Underwriting Essentials
     MGMT 122 - Organizational Behaviour
     ACCT 111 - Financial Accounting I


Term IV

     ACCT 218 - Management Accounting I
     MGMT 131 - Marketing
     INSR 210 - Essential Skills for the Insurance Broker and Agent
     ORGA 330 - Managerial Skill Development
     MGMT 231 - Sales

Industry exams

Completion of this diploma prepares students to write the Insurance Institute of Canada exams, and the curriculum includes eight of the 10 courses required by the Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) toward the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.

Career prospects are exceptional in the insurance and risk management field. More than 90% of graduates are employed in industry within one year.

Possible careers include:

  • Adjuster - investigate insurance claims, make recommendations about benefit payments and negotiate settlements

  • Broker or agent - assess the needs of clients and offer insurance policies that best serve those needs

  • Marketing underwriter - assess the risk of various promotional activities

  • Risk manager - analyze potential harm due to accidents or other unforeseen events

  • Underwriter - evaluate the risks involved in insurance applications and determine which clients to accept