Insurance and risk management is one of the hottest careers this century. From the airline industry to internet banking fraud to oil and gas expansion projects, insurance professionals are there, every step of the way. It’s so much more than traditional home and automobile policies!

Examples of positions include:

  • Adjuster - investigate insurance claims, make recommendations about benefit payments and negotiate settlements
  • Broker or Agent - assess the needs of clients and offer insurance policies that best serve those needs
  • Marketing underwriter - assess the risk of various promotional activities
  • Risk Manager - analyze potential harm due to accidents or other unforeseen events
  • Underwriter - evaluate the risks involved in insurance applications and determine which clients to accept

Some of the more intriguing career possibilities in insurance and risk management include:

  • Computer Hacker Protection
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Pipeline Expansion Planning
  • Snowy-day and Hole-in-one Promotions
  • Transportation of Hazardous Products

Now when I'm hiring, it's MacEwan graduates I look at first. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in a long term insurance career.
- Greg Knott, graduate