Program of Study

To complete program requirements, you will take a total of 60 credits.

The paralegal studies core curriculum includes legal ethics, law firm processes, time management, client relations and interpersonal and team skills to prepare you to work in a legal setting. You will develop your computer skills, understand file management and specialized legal software and develop effective presentations. Solid writing and communication skills are critical for work in the legal environment, and in this program you will learn to analyze, summarize and synthesize written material of all kinds.


     ENGL 102 - Analysis and Argument
     LEGL 180 - Financial Procedures for the Law Office
     ACCT 311 - Introductory Accounting
     LEGL 210 - Business Law I
     LEGL 211 - Legal Research and Analysis
     LEGL 215 - Commercial Transactions
     LEGL 231 - Corporate Procedures
     LEGL 235 - Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
     LEGL 250 - Real Estate Transactions
     LEGL 261 - Creditor and Debtor Law
     LEGL 292 - Paralegal Studies
     LEGL 308 - Administrative Law and the Regulatory Environment
     BUSN 201 - Introduction to Sustainable Business
     MGMT 107 - Business Computing



     LEGL 221 - Criminal Law
     LEGL 271 - Estate Law
     LEGL 281 - Family Law
     LEGL 291 - Legal Technology for Paralegals
     LEGL 310 - International Business Transactions
     LEGL 312 - Legal Issues in the Workplace
     LEGL 315 - Business Law II
     LEGL 320 - Law of Business Organizations
     ECON 101 - Introduction to Microeconomics
     ECON 102 - Introduction to Macroeconomics