Career opportunities with a MacEwan Paralegal Studies diploma

The combination of legal and business training provided by a Paralegal Studies diploma will prepare graduates for a number of occupations. Graduates of the program (formerly known as Legal Assistant diploma) have worked in various legal environments such as:

  • law firms that vary considerably in size from a sole practitioner’s office, to law firms with up to 200 lawyers. 
  • in the courtroom, assisting with the day-to-day court proceedings.
  • all three levels of government, or with government organizations such as the WCB.
  • the field of corporate legal counsel, in large companies, associations and organizations requiring in-house legal services.

Depending on your selection of courses, you will be eligible for up to 60 credits of university creditable course work that can be applied toward a Bachelor of Commerce at MacEwan. We even have graduates who have completed a law degree!