Enactus is a world-wide organization with over 72,000 student members across 36 countries, and 1,730 university programs which are partnered with 550 corporate organizations and individual partners. Enactus is a community committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to change the landscape of the world. Its mandate is to bring the community together to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of social innovation. Enactus is not just a business organization but a student-driven organization that is open to anyone with a passion to help others.

Enactus at MacEwan University

MacEwan University students involved in Enactus have the opportunity to participate in competitions, to connect with students from around the world, and be challenged to develop their own path at MacEwan for articulating the practices and values they are exposed to everyday.

MacEwan University School of Business students first adopted the Enactus initiative in 2011. Since then, Enactus has grown to be an interdisciplinary chapter including students from all faculties. Students are engaged in projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

At Enactus MacEwan, the students are continually innovating and tackling new societal problems in their communities. To find out more about what Enactus MacEwan is doing today, visit the website listed below.

Contact Information

Website: enactusmacewan.ca
Email: info@enactusmu.ca
Facebook: enactusmacewanuniversity
For more information on the Enactus world-wide organization please visit www.enactus.org