Mission Possible

Through Mission Possible, MacEwan’s business students are given the opportunity to be creative while sustaining a well-developed business idea. With a $5 start and some ingenuity, students gain experience running a business and have a positive impact on the community.

With only a $5 startup loan per student, it would seem impossible. Yet, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of business ventures students pursue. Each term, students—working in teams of three to five people—rise to the challenge and continue to exceed expectations.

Mission Possible drives innovation and creates a culture of entrepreneurship in MacEwan’s business students. The project promotes hands-on learning of business practices and supports the community. Local charities receive 10 to 100 per cent of the profits from each business venture.

One MacEwan business student + $5 + energized classmates = endless possibilities. In 2015 alone, students raised and donated $54,573.

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Dec 10 2014


The ambitious project challenges business students to create and run their own $5 start-up companies

Apr 3 2014

Allard Chair Dave Mowat lends a hand to student entrepreneurs as part of Mission Possible project

With the help of ATB Financial, first-year business students turn $5 into more than $50,000 for charity

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