Length of Study

3 years

Study Options

Distance Delivery

Credential Granted

Post Basic Certificate


Fall term (September)

The Cardiac Nursing Post Basic certificate is intended for experienced nurses who are currently working in cardiac sciences or have an interest in caring for the cardiac population.

The program provides registered nurses with the specialty knowledge and expertise required to work with patients with or at risk for cardiac disease. The entire patient journey is addressed, including health promotion, disease prevention, management of acute episodes and chronic conditions, rehabilitation and palliation. The program will prepare cardiac nurses to care for families, groups, communities, and populations in settings that range from tertiary to rehabilitative care in both urban and rural environments.

Distance Learning

Distance delivery courses offer mature learners the flexibility to balance their studies with professional commitments and family responsibilities. The program includes online learning activities that complement print-based course materials.

A variety of other special purpose training for nurses is offered through the Centre for Professional Nursing Education (CPNE).