Initiation of Intravenous Therapy Theory

NURS 0150

Intravenous Therapy is an integral part of patient care. Initiation of Intravenous Therapy is an advanced skill which requires specific knowledge and competence in IV insertion techniques. Students will also learn how to monitor the infusion, and provide continuing care to the IV site.

Hours: 15

In order to enrol in this course, you must be admitted to one of the following programs: Critical Care/Emergency Nursing; Rehabilitation Nursing; Professional Nursing Development; Nurse Credentialling; Nursing Refresher or Perioperative Nursing for LPNs.

Class Sections

No classes are available for online enrollment at this time.

Nursing Professional Development

Professional Development Certificate

Nursing practice is always changing, so you need to ensure your knowledge and skills are current.

Nursing Refresher

Certificate of Achievement

If you do not meet currency of practice requirements as a RN (fewer than 1,125 hours worked in the past five practice years), this program will help you get back into the profession through a combination of theory courses and clinical experience.


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