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Length of Study

Up to 4 years

Study Options

Part time: Distance

Credential Granted

Post-Diploma Certificate


Fall term (September)
Winter term (January)


Workplace injuries and illnesses have a tragic toll. Occupational Health Nurses are responsible for trying to prevent such situations. MacEwan University helps you take your valuable nursing skills outside of the clinical environment and into the workplace.

The part-time distance certificate in occupational health nursing puts you right in the workplace, where you design and implement health and safety programs that protect workers from hazards in the workplace, preventing illness and injury and place workers in jobs suited to their physical, mental and psychosocial abilities.

Scope of Practice

  • Manage application of theoretical principles

  • Educate about and assess health

  • Provide counseling

  • Develop programs

  • Promote a wide range of practical health skills

Practical Experience

At MacEwan University, your learning has a practical focus, incorporating virtual work environments into course materials. Field visits and a directed field project give you first-hand experience, allowing you to apply your new knowledge and skills in preparation for a new career.

A variety of other special purpose training for nurses is offered through the Centre for Professional Nursing Education (CPNE).