Art and Design

Robert Andruchow, Chair

This department combines Fine Art and Design. The two-year diploma in Fine Art prepares students for a Bachelor of Fine Art or a professional art practice. The four-year Bachelor of Design prepares professionals for the multi-disciplinary field of visual communication design.

Arts and Cultural Management

Annetta Latham, Chair

This department prepares students for careers in arts management. The Arts and Cultural Management program prepares professionals for administrative and management roles in the creative and cultural sectors.


Rey Rosales, Chair

The Bachelor of Communication Studies degree program provides professionals with the core skills of effective communication with career specialization in either journalism or professional communication.


Bill Richards, Chair

This degree program responds to the current demands of the music industry and offers the fundamentals of performing jazz and popular music. Students can achieve a four-year Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music or exit with a diploma after two years of study.


Scott Spidell, Chair

This department combines Theatre Arts and Theatre Production. The two-year diploma in Theatre Arts provides musical theatre actor training. The two-year diploma in Theatre Production prepares professionals for recruiting and managing crew and set for live productions.