Jules and twins with placenta

Image: Jules Koostachin, PLACEnta (film still), 2012. Image courtesy of the artist.

Mitchell Art Gallery

Indigenous Birthing

 | JANUARY 21 – MARCH 31, 2019


Indigenous Birthing

January 21 – March 31, 2019

The revitalization of Indigenous birthing practices is a growing movement spreading across Turtle Island. Indigenous women are challenging mainstream medicinal techniques and the treatment of Indigenous women and families within the confines of the institution. This screening brings together three films that reclaim traditional birthing and ceremony in our modern world.

This screening is taking place outside the gallery entrance in the atrium of Allard Hall.

Curated by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, the Indigenous Birthing Screening features works by The Ephemerals, Jules Koostachin, and Rebeka Tabobondung.

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