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Built on a theory-to-practice model that includes classroom discussion, individual and group projects, guest speakers, case studies and an eight-week practicum, the Arts and Cultural Management program provides you with a practical balance of academic course work and hands-on experience.

To complete program requirements, you take three types of courses: required core courses, Arts and Cultural Management option courses based on your areas of focus and elective courses that allow you to explore other interests.

Courses and requirements

The program of study outlines the courses and requirements you need to graduate with the diploma. Requirements can change from year to year. You follow the program of study outlined in MacEwan University's Academic Calendar for the year you are admitted to the program.

Program of Study // Arts and Cultural Management

Study options

We know how important a flexible schedule can be for our students. That's why the Arts and Cultural Management program welcomes full-time or part-time students and offers courses in the classroom or online.

In class or online

If you live outside Edmonton or if you are working and taking post-secondary courses at the same time, you may need the flexibility that comes with the online study option. Online program delivery begins and ends at the same time as the classroom option, but you can complete course work when it suits your schedule. Students taking the online option have access to a faculty tutor and participate in online discussions with other students. 

Full time or part time

You can choose between part-time or full-time studies. The diploma program requires two years of full-time studies or up to four years if you choose the part-time option. Similarly, the certificate program requires one year of full-time studies or up to three years if you choose the part-time option.


University of Alberta minor

University of Alberta Bachelor of Arts students may obtain a minor in arts and cultural management by completing 18 credits of MacEwan University's Arts and Cultural Management courses.

Apply and enrol

If you are a University of Alberta student who wants to obtain a minor in arts management, you must:

  1. Obtain a letter of permission from your Faculty of Arts University of Alberta program advisor.

  2. Apply to Open Studies as a Visiting Student at MacEwan University.

  3. Enrol in your classes.

If you encounter difficulties, please contact us.