In addition to the other application steps, you need to complete the following questionnaire outlining your interest in and research regarding the field of arts management.

Complete the questionnaire as soon as you apply. We cannot make a decision without it. After the Office of the University Registrar establishes that you meet the academic qualifications for admission, we will review your file, including the questionnaire, and make an admission decision.

Please answer the questions as thoroughly as possible and pay particular attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation as these factor into our evaluation. Submit your answers to us via email as either a Word file or pdf attachment. Put your name on all documents that you are submitting.

1. Why have you chosen to apply to this program? What do you hope to learn?

2. Why is art/culture important to you?

3. What research have you completed in order to help you understand the work of arts managers and cultural workers? Who did you speak with and what did you find out? How did this inform your knowledge of the careers in arts management?

4. Please tell us more about your background in the following categories:

  • education – please list any other post-secondary education you have, where you attended university or college and whether or not you completed that credential.

  • work experience – begin with the most recent employer and list all of your work experience to date. Pay particular attention to listing experience with the following:

    • event planning

    • fund development/resource development

    • marketing, promotion and/or publicity

    • any other related administrative experience

  • volunteer experience – list all volunteer work you have done, where it was completed and briefly what type of volunteer work it was.

5. Please write a brief paragraph (300 – 500 words) describing the arts and cultural community in the city or town in which you currently live.

6. Describe your ideal or dream job in the arts and/or cultural sector. What sort of work would you like to do and where do you visualize yourself working after completing this program?

7. If you are successful and are admitted to the program, do you intend to study the program

  • online or in the classroom?

  • full-time or part-time?

  • do you plan to exit with the Certificate or Diploma? If you don’t know at this time, please indicate Undecided.